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Proceedings of 16TH International Sclerotinia Workshop
ISBN 978-85-66836-17-2
August, 25th and 26th, Uberlândia, 2017 
For the first time, Brazil is hosting the International Sclerotinia Workshop. In Brazil, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum is the most important species and occurs in several regions, notably in crops such as soybean, common bean, cotton and sunflower. Populations of the pathogen range from 1 to more than 500 sclerotia per square meter, according to surveys conducted by Brazilian researchers. Many advances were obtained in the last years through integrated management of this pathogen, where tactics such as crop rotation, use of biological control agents, specific fungicides for flower protection, timing and targeted of application, among others, are concomitantly. In previous events, in its 2009 version in the US, Wilmington, and in Beijing (2013), relevant issues were debated among the world's leading experts and now the discussion and advances come to take place in South America.

We are preparing to receive colleagues and experts from many countries, bringing contributions and exchanging information in the areas of phytopathogenic biology, taxonomy, pathogen-host recognition, molecular biology, genomics, biological control, fungicide deposition technology and integrated management.

We will also be preparing a field visit to analyze a production system where the tactics and management tools available in Brazil and in the main crops are used. We expect two days of discussion to present the most current research and new directions for improving disease management systems in tropical countries from diverse climates such as Brazil and temperate countries in other regions of the world.

Prof. Fernando Cezar Juliatti
Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Full Professor at UFU












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