8th BRAZILIAN SYMPOSIUM ON ESSENTIAL OILS - Simpósio Brasileiro de Óleos Essenciais - 2015

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Proceedings Of The 8th Brazilian Symposium On Essential Oils - International Symposium On Essential Oils

ISBN - 978-85-66836-11-0

Joint meeting  8th Brazilian Symposium on Essential Oils (SBOE) – International Symposium on Essential Oils (ISEO), which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, on November 10th to 13th, 2015. Symposium activities include plenary and keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations, as well as social activities.

For the first time in Brazil we will have an edition of the International Symposium on Essential Oils, which is held in Europe since 1969 (this year the 46 th ISEO edition will be held in Lublin, Poland).

It is an excellent opportunity for Brazilian and other South American researchers and students meet their colleagues from Europe and exchange experience and results. To seize this very unique opportunity, we included in the program the 1st Pan-American Symposium on Essential Oils, a full-day devoted to essential oils extracted from native and cultivated plants of the Americas. The symposium venue will be at the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, at the border of the world’s largest urban forest.

Rio de Janeiro, known worldwide as Wonderful City, is a modern South American City with circa 5 million inhabitants. A much appreciated tourism destination, the city combines golden sand beaches, green covered mountains, an astonishing landscape and delightful dishes from a multicultural and multiracial cuisine. For those who love music, Rio is simply the birthplace of the Samba and the Bossa Nova.  

Dr. Humberto R. Bizzo
President of the Organizing Committee

Publisher of the Proceedings
Dr. Humberto R. Bizzo - Embrapa Food Technology
Prof. Claudia M. Rezende - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro







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