Hemipteran-Plant Interactions Symposium

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Hemipteran-Plant Interactions Symposium

Focus: Hemipteran feeding in relation to plant physiology and plant pathogen transmission.

July 11-14, 2011, Piracicaba,SP - Brazil

This is an interdisciplinary conference designed to bring together entomologists and plant physiologists interested in feeding behavior of phytophagous hemipterans, plant physiological and molecular responses to their feeding, and how physiology of the plant tissues being fed upon (e.g., phloem, xylem, parenchyma) affect hemipterans that specialize on these plant tissues.

The conference will also include the latest findings on mechanisms of transmission of plant pathogens by hemipteran vectors. The goal of the conference is to foster a greater degree of interdisciplinary understanding and collaboration among researchers from different fields of biology who share a common interest in the interactions between hemipteran feeding behavior, plant physiology and plant pathogens.

Main topics to be covered
Phloem physiology and phloem-feeding insects
Xylem physiology and xylem-feeding insects
Other modes of piercing-sucking feeding (e.g., parenchyma feeders, lacerate & flush feeders, Heteroptera, Thysanoptera)
Plant physiological and molecular responses to hemipteran feeding and counter-responses by hemipterans
Plant pathogen - vector interactions, specifically those relating to pathogen inoculation, acquisition, and retention.


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